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Originally Posted by budgrrl View Post
Does anyone have an special way they've memorialized their furbaby? I want to do something very special for my girl.

And how does one cope with the loss? I can't sleep or eat. I'm even having a hard time doing simple things like walking our other girl - we always walked both together and our hands felt so empty, so we took turns holding the leash. I know she and the kitties now need me the most as their little hearts are breaking too. I'm even afraid to laugh at their silly little antics as I feel I am betraying and dishonouring my Kiila.

This is so hard and so unfair :'(
Budgrrl, I;m so very sorry. It took Shaun and I quite some time to get over the loss of Thorin. And honestly, I don't thik we'll ever be "over" it. One thing that really helped for both us and Nookie was Ignatia. Nookies vet recommended it for him, and us(he had a seizure the day after Thorin passed and wouldn't even look at us... I'm sure he thought we killed him). Ignatia is a homeopathic remedy for acute grief/loss, and it does help to dull it a bit. You can get it at most any health food or vitamin store. They come in a small purple vial and the strength would be 30CC. You want to take 5 pellets 3-4 times a day. As for doing something special, we have Thorins ashes on our mantel under a portrait of him that my dad had made for us one year for Christmas. Then this year, I had one of my favorite pictures of him made into a large canvas which is also on the wall now

Big hugs to you. The pain eventually dull, but she will always be with you
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R.I.P. my sweet, handsome Thorin. You are missed dearly Dec. 25, 1999 - Mar. 4, 2012
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