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Very beautiful kittens! Great photos, you seem to have a talent for photography.
This happened to a neighbor of mine I have mentioned it I think. He finally broke down and let her out and she was poisoned. The kittens needed to be bottle fed, that is where I came in.

It may be that she actually has a home somewhere but ran away to mate and have her kittens.

I remember my first cat who broke through a screen window and subsequently knew he could do this all the time. We eventually let him come and go this way. He disappeared for a week once and when he came back perfumed and wearing a collar we were astounded. Then one day a woman looked into my window where my cat was and said out loud "that's my cat, they stole my cat!". I told her that was my house and cat and asked her why she thought it was hers. She explained how she obtained him as a stray the week before. He was now three. I told her we had him since he was a baby and that the week before he had come home washed, perfumed and wearing a collar. She became red faced and walked away.

He eventually went missing and never came back. Neighbors told me the lady had moved. My cats don't go out now.

If your cat has another home somewhere I am sure she is torn between caring for her kittens and seeing her family. She may also be in the false heat someone suggested. At any rate I think you did the right thing because she was not operated on and pregnant. You are doing the best you can and I think till she can be operated on you are protecting the kittens and mother.

People learn from experience if she did make her way back home eventually operated on I am sure the owners would get the message.
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