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Overly Protective cat

Good morning! I hope someone here can help me. I'm having an issue with one of my cats and I have been unable to find any solutions on the internet or on various forums.

I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. The cats are: Koko (18), Jesse (15), and Oni (2). The dogs are Misa (6) and Jack (10). I've had all the cats since they were kittens and I got the dogs this past Jan and March.

Jesse has become overly protective of me over the past 11 years. The catalyst was the loss of my dog, Mindy. I absolutely loved that dog. She actually helped me raise Jesse (Jesse was the only kitten to survive being dumped in the road by some idiot). I was having a difficult time when I lost her and Jesse started becoming a velcro cat. He followed me around the house constantly. If I was sitting or laying down he had to be touching me. Gradually he started taking on the job of my personal bodyguard. When I would cut Koko's nails and he'd be growling and hissing, Jesse would attack him. When Oni plays too rough (she's a biter) with me, Jesse attacks her. If I'm having a heated discussion with my husband, Jesse will stand in front of me growling. If I verbally reprimand one of the dogs (in a normal speaking voice), he attacks the dog. Anytime Jesse feels that I'm being threatened he'll attack the threat (human, cat, or canine). The vet has ruled out any medical problems.

I initially tried using a spray bottle but that has no effect, neither does a noise to startle him. He's a small cat and the dogs are very large and he really did a number on one of them (I made the mistake of telling the dog to get off the couch). I've now had to sequester the cats to my bedroom because I can't trust him. However, if I'm at home and in another room Jesse pounds on the door, screaming his head off until I come back into the room. I've had no success with Rescue Remedy either.

It was sweet at first, but now I feel like I have an overprotective boyfriend.

Any ideas?
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