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Cat hit by car only poops every couple of days?

Hello everyone! This is my first post here so I hope I'm doing this right..My cat Pumpkin is just about a year old this month. Unfortunately last Monday he was hit by a car and we didn't find him until the next morning under our deck. We immediately rushed him to the vet and they x-rayed him to find that luckily he had no broken bones, however, he was unable to move his back legs at all. Now it has been 6 days with much improvement with his movement and he sort of walks on his knees/toes but just can't support his weight on his back feet yet.

Anyway, a few days after he was hit he hadn't gone poop yet, so I called our vet and they had me pick up an enema for him for me to do at home. But as soon as I was about to lug his poor butt into the bathroom he went on his own! Now it has been all diarrhea every time he goes and he goes without being able to control himself. But now he hasn't gone again for just over 48 hours. I still have the enema, should I try to wait it out and let him go on his own? Or should I give it to him now? I don't quite understand why he can go on his own for a whole day and then for the next 2 days he won't go. I have been feeding him all wet food and he still has an appetite, and he rarely drinks on his own so I give him a few squirts in a dropper every couple of hours. Please help!! His belly seems very round and hard as well. Thank you!

Also wanted to add that he was bleeding out of his rectum a few days after the accident and also the poor guy now has a cold.

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