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white drop after peeing (dog F/S)

After our pup urinates, there's a little white-ish drop in the hairs around her vulva, even though her pee was clear.
  • She is 14 weeks old
  • She has no prior history of UTIs
  • she is spayed (spca rules before any adoption)
  • Her urine is visually clear, not cloudy and is very light yellow
  • Her pee smells neutral or mildly like urine, depending on the time of day (first morning pee smells more strongly than a midday pee)
  • There is no blood in her urine
  • There are no 'bits' in her urine
  • She has no pain (yips, whimpers, etc) or signs of straining,
  • there's a continuous stream, it's not start/stop/start/stop
  • She pees a regular, reasonable amount of urine
  • She pees at expected times
  • She hasn't increased her frequency
  • There doesn't appear to be any sign of infection (temperature, lethargy, loss of appetite).
  • The white drop only appears after urinating - there are no drops in between urination
  • She's not licking or paying much attention to her nether regions in a way that goes beyond regular grooming

Probably unrelated, but hey - it's part of her nether region history: There was a lump about the size of half a walnut around her spay scar when we got her - it increased in size for about a week, then went down. The vet ruled out hernia, and thought it might have been fatty tissue around the healing scar. When it went down, it went down fast and was completely gone within a few days.

I am going to catch a sample of her urine and bring it to the vet tomorrow, just to make sure. But in the mean time, what could this white drop be? Does anyone have any ideas?
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