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No, he doesn't have any other signs of diabetes. He actually hasn't urinated since Sunday. He has been drinking water though. Usually when they have a UTI, they urinate, or try to, a lot instead of not at all, correct? He hasn't used his litter box at all since Sunday and when he does go in there, he just eats the litter out of the box.

The vet I was seeing actually said she didn't think the leg weakness and the litter eating were related. I don't see why they wouldn't be if they both started at the same time. It's just really odd that I read online that concrete licking and litter eating are signs of anemia and/or calcium deficiency, but she told me he doesn't have either of those.

Does anyone think it might be helpful to get a urine test? She said his kidneys were fine from the blood test. The urine test is another $50. I've spent $270 already and I know nothing...
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