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Thanks for all the help guys/gals.
We finally made this happen today! And to boot, it was really painless.
We had to get a note from the owners stating that they were giving us the dog and releasing it into our custody. Our name and address had to be stated in the letter. the dogs tag number and name was to be in the letter. We needed the original documentation of shots and speying(sp?), and we needed the tags. Took it into animal control at Dartnall st., payed $26 for a new set of tags, and that was it. Did not need to take the dog in.
Through all this though, I could not get the same answer twice from the A.C. office. 75% of the time, I could not even get an answer on the telephone, only a recorded message. Hell of a way to run a business.
Hope this helps someone else down the road, and thanks for the help.
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