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>>>Will I have to pay to have it re-licensed in my name? Or do I just need dog tags???
Good question, the city is the only one who can tell you that. I'd take the old dog tags with you, see if they'll just transfer the registration into your name, but you might have to buy a new license. I hope you'll post the answer when you get the dog and the license, for general information.

>>>take it with you to the Animal Control office to get your own license for the dog. I have been told this is done at city hall here???
That's strange, I registered a "banned" dog online in another city, but each is different. Again, I hope you'll post the answer when you get the license. Can you get a dog license online in Hamilton? That might save you some running around.
Correcting myself, you can order a dog license online from Hamilton. Long URL alert. I didn't go into the online application link.

>>>Mostly what I need is specifics to my municipality. Friday, I was just getting passed around with nobody giving me any real help. I can't keep taking time off work just to run around. I was hoping to talk to some body in this area who has gone through this here already.
Hope it all works out well for you, and I'd love to hear about your experience on this thread once you're through the process.
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