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Thanks for the reply saradog
lived in Ontario on August 29, 2005? Yes

the dog spayed or neutered? Yes

Is the current owner giving the dog to you without charge? Yes

Dog Owners' Liability Act provisions. I have read the act

A municipality usually requires that residents license their dogs. The dog is legal. Will I have to pay to have it re-licensed in my name? Or do I just need dog tags???

take it with you to the Animal Control office to get your own license for the dog. I have been told this is done at city hall here???

If the dog is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, you'll want to get the registration certificate signed off by the owner and get the dog's ownership information transferred into your name with the CKC. Thanks, I will definatly find this out Saradog.

Mostly what I need is specifics to my municipality. Friday, I was just getting passed around with nobody giving me any real help. I can't keep taking time off work just to run around. I was hoping to talk to some body in this area who has gone through this here already.
Thanks for your indepth reply sara, it does help out, and greatly appreciated!
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