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Odie and Maggie are kinda like that...Maggie is quite dominantand Odie is very submissive..most times...but if Odie is getting pet, Maggie will come by and climb on him and step on him..I try to push her away...since really she's stealing Odie's pettin time away...but she's extremely persistant...and strong :P

I usually try to get the GF to call her over...
Odie and Magz get along great, they never fight, they share treats and bones and whatnot...they always play together...

lately Odie learned a trick (they each have their own rooms) so when she does this, he'll go up to her room and start chewin her bone or playing with her she runs up to investigate...he waits till she sees what she's doing and he runs back down to re-take his place by me...meanwhile she forgets about me and starts playing with her toys :P

Sometimes I think Odie is to smart for his own good :P

I think for a multi-dog home,you just have to make 100% sure the dogs personality jives together....
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