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I was wondering if it was maybe a dominance thing. I don't know enough about reading dog behavior, other than the little bit I learned from working with behavorists with my previous dog. He had a very severe case of fearful agression.
The good thing is that Petey does not do this with people, kids, or babies. I have my little nieces stay with me a lot, for extended periods of time, and they can boss him around all they want and he just eats it up. He loves kids and people to death and is extremely submissive. My 12 month old niece can reach into his doggie bowl while he's inhaling his food and he'll immediately back off or if I'm holding her, he just sits happily at my feet.
He is normally submissive with other dogs too, so has no problems with visitors either. It's just when the dog settles in for a longer stay, that is starts to crop up. It seems to be insecurity, that then manifests into whatever that behavior is exhibiting. I'm so grateful it's not aggressive; I don't think I could handle that again!

I fear you may be right Frenchy, and that the safest thing to do is not bring another dog into the home. I just could not bring another dog home and then have to give him away. It's not in me to do that. But at the same time, it's such a shame as I feel I have so much love to give and a big home and yard with so much space and the financial means to give another dog a forever home. But I am so afraid of taking the risk for both Petey and the new dog too.
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