Thread: Dog Jealousy?
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I too have the same problem. but quin actucally comes and sits on you, or if you are in bed, he comes and straddles you.
I guess its just their way of being dominant. At the moment Im not overly concerned about Quins jelousy, but I guess if there were kids involved things may be different.
I honestly dont know how to change the behaviour. When I am playing with the cat, i also try to include Quin and vice versa.
Lexie - 15yr old gorgeous Diabetic cat, Quin - 3yr old black lab, gorgeous but mental as anything!

R.I.P. Cassie, one of my greatest LOVES. My Rotti.(The Gentle Giant).

We all seek the same in life, friendship, love, companionship and faithfulness, all this we can get unconditionally from an animal. Makes you wonder why we humans think we're so bloody special!
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