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I don't know if this will help you or not. When I got Sam (as a foster) I already had Daisy and Bailey. Sam never acted jealous with them, he knew he was third. But whenever I get a foster , usually the younger ones , the ones that get excited or ask a lot of me, like pushes Sam out of the way to get pet, he doesn't like it. Or if they pace around the kitchen while I'm preparing their food or any food. He will show teeth and sometimes growl. But he NEVER bited any dog. He is very submissive. I would be very afraid of this behavior if he was a bully or dominant. But he does get use to the fosters. Molly was here for 3 months, and after a few weeks, he did accept her 100% in the pack, that means letting her near him while he's eating without any problem. Hard to say if Petey would get use to another dog, only time would tell. It's a big chance to take...if it doesn't work out, you would have to give back the dog, wich is not fair for the newbie.
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