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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
One thing the dermatologist found was that she has a couple of small, benign, hemangiomas on her skin and hemangiomas will sometimes do something to the capillaries to make them darker (hubby talked to her, so I don't know exactly what she said). She said, though, that it's possible the rash is from that phenomenon.
Ah I think that's your answer

Hemangiomas are small masses of blood vessels, they can give the appearance of blood blisters, so if the tiny ends of the tiny capillaries become damaged & break/burst there will be a small amount of blood pooling just under the skin giving it a darker look before the clotting factor takes effect.

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Wish I could advise a manufacturer for you but I haven't accessed Colloidal Silver in a store for personal use. I have purchased it several times but to do tests to compare it with my own product.

I purchased my own lab equipment the best part of 20 years ago after doing extensive research in producing a quality product at that time.
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