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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
they switched her to fluconazole, which did make a noticeable difference.
Fluconazole is off label use in dogs & cats but the use has not been extensively researched. The good thing is it has fewer side effects than other medications. Only one site I found says it has shown skin rashes as a reaction in people as per

Originally Posted by Reg View Post
You said that the clerk at the store where you purchased your bottle was emphatic about it being taken INTERNALLY. That raised the question WHY???
My guess would be since it's a supplement store & their online product descriptions do not mention topical applications, the staff probably has only been trained to advise internal use

Originally Posted by Reg View Post
On further research I found that the distilled water had also been Ozonated, which means that there was more oxygen added to the water during the manufacturing of the much more oxygen is anybody's guess.

With you applying the fluzonatole to the mix with the extra oxygen that was used to make the colloidal, I'm wondering if there is an oxidization to some of the components in the fluzonatole giving off the red colouring.
Sounds reasonable, especially with the medication.

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
This was the only colloidal silver that I could find in a brick-and-mortar. I wonder if they have different brands in their online store? I'll take a look...

Any favorite brands out there that might be easily available?
The US GNC site has another brand but it has Potassium Alginate & EDTA in it, personally I prefer a pure product.

I order mine online from Glacier Peak Holistics, they're from Montana.
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