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Hello Hazel:

Curiosity got the better of me...... ...I have done some more research and here are some of the things i came across.

You said that the clerk at the store where you purchased your bottle was emphatic about it being taken INTERNALLY. That raised the question WHY???

On further research I found that the distilled water had also been Ozonated, which means that there was more oxygen added to the water during the manufacturing of the much more oxygen is anybody's guess.

With you applying the fluzonatole to the mix with the extra oxygen that was used to make the colloidal, I'm wondering if there is an oxidization to some of the components in the fluzonatole giving off the red colouring.

Something I've found in the past with manufacturers is that they try to get an upper hand by adding stuff to their products to try to enhance it for advertising to try to prove that their product is better.

I'm with growler when it comes to colloidal silver.......I just want 2 items in my colloidal.....1 -- steamed distilled water and 2 -- a point decimal of .9999 minimum of silver. Depending on what I'm using it for ......... for instance for applying to eyes 3 to 5 ppm's and for general applications 10 to 15 ppm's........ under certain circumstances I'll use a higher ppm . Also 1 ppm is known to work as well. This is one of the benefits of having your own lab.

Most silver is what they call Ionic silver.......but if you're not getting the results you are looking for, then look for Nano silver which is 50 to 100 times finer than the Ionic silver. This ups its efficiency rating by up to 15%.
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