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UPDATE; I did not have the heart to put them back outside. the area where they were picked up was dangerous and unpredictable. Anyway, the little boys are in foster and are doing amazingly well. Arthur (Arty-orange ) purrs and loves to be with other cats and is comfortable with his foster mom. Shortstop (back and white) is a little more timid but coming along .
Hope (calico) is the mom and she has come a long way. from Hissing and snapping, she is now comfortable with her foster parent...but still considered semi-feral.
We have a potential place for her to go to but waiting for an answer.
If all goes well I need to get her to Ontario. I am not sure when this will happen (hope this weekend..but not sure yet). Would anyone be able to help with this trip..meeting halfway, I get more detail I will come back and share.
This has been a long journey for this little family, but I hope it will have a happy ending for all of them.
The little gray one (named Tuli) is doing well. She plays with her human mom only when human mom is asleep...go figure!!!
Anyway that was an update on our little family.
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