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Kitty Whisperers needed....

This family (minus the grey one...she has a kitty whisperer) was rescued and sterilized in September. Steri-animal was going to release them back in their colony. However putting this little family back in their colony meant certain death (by car, poison, or local pound who still use the gas chambers). We are desperately looking for people to help socialize this family. The mother is very young and we hope she will come around. However, we would like to seperate the mother from the babies so that the babies do not pick up her "feral" ways. If this can not be done we will have no choice but return them to their colony. I found someone to socialize and adopt the little grey one (her name is now Tuli). THe orange one (Prince Harry/Harry for short) and the black and white one (ShortStop-because of her short legs) need someone who is patient to help them trust humans..this can take up to a month or two. Kittens can be seperated for this to work. Having a cat in the house can simplify the socialization.
The calico (mom) needs a "cat whisperer" who has an adult friendly cat who can show her that humans are ok....please pass this along as we are desperate not to lose this family to the street or the gas chambers...we can help by providing food. All are healthy/sterilized/ dewormed. thank you
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