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No Sace has not been in a crate in a while. I do have one here if we need to go out but most of the time someone is home so he is left out when he wants to go out. I'm a stay at home Mom so I am with him all the time. If I have to go out for an hour or two I make sure he goes outside prior to leaving. When I come home I let him out again. I just within the last two weeks have not crated him when I need to run somewhere and he has done great. I put a baby gate up so he can't go upstairs (if he went upstairs he won't come back down. He was afraid but within the last two days he now will come down the steps) other then that he has the family room and kitchen to roam.

He also no longer goes in the crate at night in our bedroom he now sleeps with us. I swore this would never happen but now look at me....LOL He does well. finds his spot and that's where he stays until 7AM when it's time to get the kids up for school. Even on their days off he is up at 7. Now last night he got me up at around 5. He wanted to go out. I let him out then we went back to bed.
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