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I would like to have more information on the raw diet. How safe is it? How to prepare it? I was reading that a puppy needs 1 cup of liquid for every 5 lbs so of course I was freaking out that I was lucky if he drank a cup of fluid a day let alone 2.5 cups.

When I first borough my Sace home he was on Eagle pack. He did not really like this so we tried Merrick Puppy plate both kibbles and wet. Again did not like it. We have tried countless other organic or upper end foods again no luck. Natural Balance was the first one that he would even eat. I swear he gets bored with the same food. He loves raw carrots. I mean he will dance and get so excited if I ask him if he wants a carrot it's so cute. I never saw a dog do this. He loves them. Oh he also loves paper. I mean really really love paper. This is the only thing that he will become aggressive with. I can take his toys, his food, his treats, but Lord have mercy if I reach for a piece of paper that he has got a hold of. I'm trying to convince him that paper is not all that...LOL I'm losing!

Now is there something that can be sprinkled on the food to help with the prevention of UTI's? Do you give your dogs/cats herbs or vitamins? I think you are right I think his belly is upset. He won't even eat what he loves too much.
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