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Originally Posted by dave View Post
Thank you for your reply. The link you provided discusses issues more around pulling than the issue we are having which is that she refuses to walk in the first place.
You might have missed these parts though:

Teach Your Dog to Follow Offff-Leasshh

Your dog's desire to follow and remain close is the necessary foundation for walking politely on leash. You must become the center of your dog's universe. You need to stimulate and strengthen your dog's gravitational attraction towards you by moving away enticingly and heartily praising
your dog all the time he follows. Click your fingers, slap your thigh, or waggle a food treat or a toy in your hand to lure the dog to follow. Proceed with a happy heart and a sunny disposition: talk to your dog, tell him stories, whistle, walk with a jaunty step, or even skip and sing.

Practice indoors and in your yard, where there are fewer distractions, before practicing in the dog park and off-leash walking areas.

Originally Posted by dave View Post
Of note, toys and treats do not work.
Do take a look around the Dog Star Daily site. She can (and should) be conditioned to see toys and treats as a reward. It will help immensely with future training:

"My dog doesn't like food."

Since food lure/reward training is so amazingly easy, efficient, and effective, I would teach every dog to like food, before commencing training. Puppies may easily be taught to appreciate food, simply by hand-feeding individual pieces of kibble throughout the day, rather than all at once from a bowl at mealtimes. For adult dogs, instruct them to sit and take a piece of kibble before every enjoyable activity, such as being invited on the couch, or chasing a ball. Soon your dog will enjoy the kibble as much as he enjoys the thrill of couch-time and tennis balls combined.

Weigh out your puppy’s daily ration of kibble each morning and place it in a jar to use for training throughout the day. Do not waste valuable training lures and rewards by feeding your dog from a bowl. Handfeed your dog. Once your dog is well behaved and mannerly and perfect for you, you may feed your dog when and however you like. For the meantime though, use each piece of kibble as a food lure and handfeed it as a food reward
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