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Originally Posted by Bastien View Post
Hey guys... How are you all doing?

So here it is. Ive been offered a FREE Dogo Argentino!

This friend of a friend owns 2 Dogos and she just had a baby, she can no longer take care of two dogs and a baby, so shes getting rid of one of the puppy (male-8months). Up to date on shots, house trained.

Im in big decision right now as if i take him or not. I have until mid July to make my decision.

The problem with this is that the dog is located pretty far away so i wont get to see Bully and him together before making my decision.

I wasent planing on getting another puppy right away but i think im "ready".

What would you do??? lol I know that i need to be prepared to do crate and rotate if necessary.

Ill keep you guys posted, but i just want advice since ill have 2 male Dogos in my house, both no neutured.
I would never have two male dogs that are not neutered in the house at the same time. My dog Marty met a male dog that was not neutered at the
park and both dogs got along great. The owner of the dog invited Marty and I to his house so the dog could play in the in the back yard. While we walking to the guy's house I asked if his dog would mind my dog being in his yard. I was told it would be OK. Wrong , as soon as we entered the yard the dog when after my dog! So if you did have Bully meet the new dog they could get along fine but Bully may not feel the same way once the new dog is in his 'house'.
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