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Just how far away is far away? I would really try to make a trip to meet the dog and have the two dogs meet before making the full commitment. You could go there for a day maybe with your dog and have them meet you at a park or some neutral ground with your dog, see how they initially interact, see how you like the dog in person... Heck even get a hotel room for the night and do a trial sleep over there. At 8mo old it's that weird time when they are starting to mature. The two dogs might get along fine now and then in a month want to kill each other. Been there done that, it's no fun and rehoming is the only option at that point. Are you prepared to take that risk that you will end up now being responsible for having to rehome him?

Do find out where they got him from. Dogos are not all that popular yet so you may have some luck tracking the breeder down. There is a chance that it is a BYB as there are some Dogo BYBs already. He might be from a good working breeder who does health test and breeds for temperament who simply doesn't automatically take their dogs back and is fine with the current owner rehoming the dog. If you can track down the breeder you may get more clues as to the dog's lineage and if dog aggression is present in those lines (it is genetic). That could help you make the decision.
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