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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Just curious Bastien why Bully isn't neutered? Were you planning on breeding him or is it an age thing? Why is this other dog not neutered? I know with some of the larger breeds neutering at a later date is recommended, but I would think either/both dogs are old enough to be neutered. I'd be very, very careful of bringing in this dog without the two having a chance to meet prior for one thing. And I seriously would not ever leave them alone together. I'm looking for a new pup at this time, still having a 12 year old female lab in the house, the breeder I am dealing with will only sell me a male dog due to the same sex fighting issues with the breed I am looking at. Be careful Bastien, we'd al hate to see anything happen to either of these dogs. If your friend is looking to rehome her Dogo I'm sure there must be a rescue that could help her. PM BenMax if you need rescue info I'm sure she'd be happy to help. At all costs we must keep Bully safe!
Hey Dog Dancer, I didnt get Bully neutered yet, no breeding planned! Haha, i wanted to wait for him to be around 2year old to do the neutering + the cost is a bit to much for me right now.

As for the other pup not beeing neutered... Good question. I dont see why someone would have two un-neutered dogs in the same house(male and female) if no breeding is involved or planned.

I think that person was thinking of bringing the dog to a rescue but wanted to see if family and friends wer interested first.
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