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Does this person's breeder contract not stipulate that the breeder take the dog back? Or the breeder OKs who the dog goes to? If not I suggest you are looking at a BYB dog and should be prepared for health, behavioural and temperament that may not be up to snuff. If it was me I'd be looking into the breeding behind that dog as much as into the dog itself. Not opposed to rescue in the least, just prefer educated and informed rescue.

ETA: Missed the two males, unaltered part. Think hard about the breeding. This is a breed that has been used for fighting and you need to know if it 's been bred for that kind of temperament or not. At 8 months that dog is just coming into puberty. Did you know that in puberty a male dog's testosterone can be 3 to 7 times higher than it will be at maturity? That can be like waving a red flag at other dogs regardless of sex or altered or not, but especially to unaltered also young males. Here is a brief discussion of this phenomenon, at the Puppy License part:
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