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I have never seen as many dogs at the shelter as they have now - the other day I counted 54.

It looks like maybe 1/2 of them get out during the week. The better behaved ones are taken out maybe 2-4 times a week.

I have my own dogs to walk after work, but I have decided instead of going to the gym during my lunch time, I'd go walk some dogs. I can usually walk 2 dogs during lunch, sometimes I take a longer lunch and walk one more.

My husband was worried I'd come home with some sob stories, but my JRT mixes are about as many dogs as I can handle at the moment.

There is a little JRT/pug? mix at the shelter that was returned because "it had too much energy". She reminds me soooo much of my own dogs, so I like to bring her out. She doesn't seem that high energy to me but I guess I'm used to it. I find the JRT bouncing to be cute! Not everyone shares my view I guess.

It isn't a no kill shelter, but they do hang on to the animals a long time. There were a couple recently adopted that had been there over a year.
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