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Originally Posted by violagirl View Post
I forgot this board is populated by paragons of virtue.
violagirl, this board is full of people who love (and live) for animals, which is wonderful in my book. You may not like what BM said, but she's right. Volunteers are an integral part of preparing the animals for adoption.

Show them some affection
If you really aren't "feeling" it, they know.
Some of them have no background history whatsoever, so who knows what they went through. Of course a lot of them are going to be disconnected and distrustful. As a volunteer, it's your job to do whatever you can to help them overcome that. You have to go slow and earn the trust. Unfortunately, there are going to be the occassional ones that you just won't get through to. You need to know how to read the body language so you can respond appropriately. See if some of the more experienced volunteers can help you. It would also be a good idea to talk to the people in the behaviour dept. I'm sure they will be able to give you some really good advice and certain behaviours to watch for. Places to start, anyway

Good luck!!!
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