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Simple question, but no simple answer.

If any two dogs will get along really depends on a lot of factors...

Are they neutered/spayed? How were they first introducted? What are their personalities like? Are they being introduced as both pups, both adults, one pup or one an adult etc. etc. etc. etc.

Even these questions will not give you a definite answer. You can't predict how two dogs will get along, and certainly breed has very little to do with it. You can't even predict a dogs personality based on breed as there are so many individual differences between dogs that are the same breed. You can certainly do certain things to encourage two dogs to get along, but you have no way of being able to know if they will get along.

My three dogs get along some days, some days not. I have two pups that grew up together and for the most part get along great, but once in awhile they just don't appreciate each other's company. Can you elaborate more on your question?
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