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Hi Allanah and welcome,

First off...know that's it's common for a dog's toilet habits to change (be reduced) during periods of stress. This may be going on here... normally a few days later things go back to normal.

This is a tough one because we don't know how long this undesirable behaviour is going on....also how long will you be dogsitting?

Personally the lavish praise you're giving...KEEP doing it.

And when you catch (NEVER AFTER...ONLY as the bad behaviour is happening) the dog peeing indoors. Try to give a firm NO! AND take the dog outside to hopefully finish the pee.

If the dog Does have a pee pag with urine on it...I might put on some gloves and actually rub the pad on a tree or a buch right in front of my house.

Be curious to hear if any others have some ideas.

Good luck!
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