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Unhappy Hepatic lipidosis, pancreatitis, feeding tube, 15 year old cat

My 15 year old cat Mufasa (m, neutered) spent almost a week in the hospital after I noticed he had jaundice. He lost a few pounds and was diagnosed with hepatic lipidosis, believed to be caused by pancreatitis.

He was eating a little bit on his own but not enough so they gave him a feeding tube. He came home yesterday pretty doped up, but still is using the litterbox and still wanted to sit outside in our backyard (his favorite place).

Now he is trying to hide, which may be because he is mad I had to give him his meds this morning, also I have two small children and he's not a fan. He is still getting up and moving around, still using the litterbox, but he definitely wants to be left alone.

It's supposed to take at least two weeks to see improvement with the feeding tube, but if he already wants to be left alone after only being home for a day, does that mean it's time to let him go? This is really hard and I don't want to make the wrong choice. He isn't vomiting and he doesn't seem to mind the feedings although he does move around a little bit when we do it.

Has anybody had an older cat make it through with the feeding tube? Am I just torturing him?
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