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Interesting article, and entertaining, but I think it glosses over the underlying reason for the cultural bias that steers many people away from a pork-based diet for their pets. Religious bans on food in that area of the world were in response to health issues--pork can harbor Trichinella roundworms that can cause trichinosis if the meat is not prepared properly, so it was declared taboo. Although trichinosis has been nearly wiped out in developed parts of the world and the US meat supply has been declared 'safe', if I were feeding raw, I'd probably still avoid pork, both wild and domestic, and probably bear meat, for the same reason. Some species of Trichinella roundworms can be killed by freezing the meat for a while before consumption, but there is at least one species that is freeze resistant. To be safe, I wouldn't feed raw pork because of it.

However, properly processed pork doesn't raise any red flags for me. In fact, our dogs are currently doing quite well on a pork formula kibble.
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