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Originally Posted by Melinda View Post
ontario is now considered a rabies free province, meaning there have been no cases in 7 yrs +, in our case (eastern ontario) its been roughly 11 yrs now. My dog only had two rabies shots in 7 yrs and my vet agree's with me that yes, she is still covered and had vacine still in her system.
NO!!! NO, NO. Sorry to be loud but that's not true. We still have rabies. You may have heard that Ontario was declared free of racoon rabies.

Rabies vaccination is required by law in much of Ontario. Heck, in Canada.

My thinking is that if you are concerned it would be most irresponsible of you to allow a Vet to handle the dog without informing him/her of the situation.

If the dog was vaccinated with the three year rabies four years ago it is likely he is still protected. You can tell for sure by asking for a titre count. Some folks titre instead of vaccinating (till the count gets too low that is) but the catch is they still need a certificate from the Vet to say what the titre count was and they need to know if that is acceptable to the health officials where they live and where they travel to.

I guess I'm coming along after the Vet visit though, how did it go?

ETA: Thought I'd better clarify the "free of racoon rabies" bit. There are three strains of rabies virus; actic fox, bat and racoon. Racoons are most susceptible to the racoon virus but they can get any of the others. Ontario has not had a racoon virus report since 2005. Racoons can still get rabies but it is less likely. This is all in the link in my post.

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