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Some updates:

I talked to animal shelter and explained my situation; states I need to make sure I am alpha over both dogs. When Boogie starts being the aggressor, I am to let her know that behavior is not welcome. I put coins in soda cans and have them in all rooms. Boogie started to go at Tobie, I shook the soda can and instantly the fight difussed and then I scolded Boogie, (didnt yell, just said Bad Dog)

Also I am letting them out togethor. I am noticing wherever the new dog goes, Boogie follows for some reason. I saw them togethor sniffing something together.

When the aggression starts if when the new dog gets close to the face of Boogie. It appears she doesnt like that.

Also I feed them separately and put the bowls up when done. and right now dont play with either one right now until things settle.
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