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do i have to worry about a female dog killing a male dog?

I have had Boogie for 9 yrs and Boogie got along excellent with another male dog we had. Zorro passed away. Boogie lived with Zorro since Boogie was a puppy. They were male and female.

Boogie is 9 years old and is a female. I just adopted a 1 1/2 year old MALE dog. I brought Boogie to the shelter to see how the new dog and her would get along. They did fine at the shelter. Until I got the new dog home. Today will be their 2nd day togethor. If the new dog gets close to Boogie, Boogie will snap and show teeth and they have got in a few fights (no blood, just alot of growling, fake biting , and showing teeth) BOOGIE ALWAYS INSTIGATES THE FIGHTS.

What is going on here? Boogie has never acted like this before around other dogs. Will it get better? Will Boogie kill the new male dog at some point--Im more concerned about this then anything.
how much time do I need to give before Boogie stops snapping/growling at Tobie (new dog)?

Looks scary when they get into a fight. The fights only lasts about 30 seconds.

They have sniffed each other, they can lay in the same room togethor calmly.

Our family really love our new dog

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