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Missing cat ---please read ~ Brampton, ONT

Hi me and my boyfriend just moved out of our old place on Saturday...and I guess as he was moving stuff out our cat got outside..and he's an indoor cat.
> He has a thick build...He's all grey ...and he's about a year old. And he has a black collar with silver studs on it.
> We lived at Torbram and Sandalwood...address was 23 Honeybee Drive
> His name is Vash...but answers to the name Mr. Kitty.
> Also He doesn't much like people or loud he's most likely hiding somewhere a backyard or under a porch.
> I really love that kitty and our new place just doesn't seem complete without him.
> If anyone lives in that general area...please keep an eye out for him..if anyone does happen to see him please message me.
> Thanks for reading
> Sarah
>if you can't contact me please call Diane at 647-407-9596

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