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Congratulations on your new addition!!

I suspect that Kiba will get used to her eventually--but at less than a week, this is still a very new situation for him. She's a stranger, quite young, and suddenly took a position of status in his house. Although experts will tell you never to anthropomorphize canine behavior, it sounds like he's pouting.

It doesn't sound like he's shown any aggressive behavior toward Eevee? Just runs away from her? I take it she hasn't tried to engage him physically in play, yet?

I think they're going to be fine together from your description, but you don't want to force it. Let them take it slow and let Kiba adjust at his own speed. If you can, keep his toys separate and don't let her play with them. Make sure he has a quiet place of his own where she's not allowed to approach him. He needs to feel that he's the ranking dog...

In a week or so, Eevee is going to be much bolder and start in with the puppy shenanigans. That's all perfectly normal. And with luck, Kiba will be relaxed enough by then to be willing to play a little. However, she's going to be merciless in her attention and at some point, Kiba will likely discipline her. It may sound fierce--a growl, a snap, and a puppy yelp, probably followed by Eevee running off to hide somewhere. But as long as the discipline is short and Eevee is not getting hurt (no blood), it's best to not correct Kiba. Eevee will need to learn her limits and that's how Kiba will teach her.

And they'll play. Quite hard, probably. That's also normal--especially with two young dogs. You'll get a feel for what's okay and what's getting a little rough. Remember that pups get crabby and hyper when they get tired, just like little children, so there will be times when you'll have to separate them. Is Eevee crate trained or in the process of being crate trained? If not, I'd highly recommend it. Crates are great for enforcing naps on recalcitrant youngsters. Kiba will thank you for it!

And finally, when things settle into a routine and you get a chance, we'd love to see some pics of your pups!
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