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Hi Dave! Glad to hear you have decided to add another dooger to the family!!

I just wanted to say that Hazel hit it right on! I know when I got my last boy he was only 8 weeks old and he wouldnt walk either! I do beleive now he was simply just too young and also the vet advised what Hazel said about not walking them too much anyway as they are way too young. The vet said it is hard on their joints and bodies as they are growing.

Following the ball in the yard is a great idea as well.

Have you thought about clicker training? you may find she is more in tuned to moving forward for you with a treat/clicker in hand because of the intriguing noise.

There is a really great expisode by Cesar Millan on a dog that had a fear of walking, basically patience was what worked. Cesar gave the dog a tiny pull on the leash and if the dog moved forward even the slightest bit he treated and kept repeating and rewarding.

It has only been a couple of weeks as well and I think you will find that as Holly matures, she will bond with you and in a few weeks you will see a change I am sure!

I second the vote on pics!!

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
It might just be that she's too young to be interested. 9 weeks is a pretty little puppy. Even if you can get her to walk, she shouldn't be doing much on-leash walking at this point, anyway. Repetitive exercise like enforced walks on pavement can be very hard on young joints. It's actually better to have some unstructured, run-around-the-grass play at this age.

Does she play in the yard off leash? Does she like toys? If she goes gaga over balls or frisbees, you might be able to get her to move by tossing a ball in front of her (softly, so she doesn't go tearing off, dragging you behind her! )--teach her to 'give' and work her into picking up the ball then bringing it to you. If you have patience, you might eventually get her to follow the ball down the sidewalk, she comes back to you and you roll it again for her to infinitum.

Is she active otherwise? Is it possible she's having joint problems that might make her uncomfortable walking?
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