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Nikon D-80 with an 18-70 zoom and a 70-300 zoom. I'm going to add some expensive lenses to this, including something on the shorter end but also something for a longer look. I don't mind lugging all this stuff around the bush and up mountains. I don't like lugging it around on vacations and looking like Mr. Obvious Tourist. Lots of interesting functions on it. My wallet is big enough that I could have gone to the D200 or even above that but I tend to abuse these things with hot, cold weather, dunkings, banging off tree trunks, etc and the likliehood I'll have to replace things fairly often has to come into a decision.

I had a Panasonic DMC FZ20 but a few years of abuse finally pooched it. I'm seriously considering getting a new DMC FZ50 to complement the equipment I have. Good camera to have on a vacation. Great camera and images if you want an uncomplicated but fairly sophisticated range of lense, effectively 35 mm to 420 mm). . . . although it has some limitations, including the longer focal length.

We have a cheap Sony Cybershot, which is theoretically pretty low on the totem pole. However, I like using it and had great success with it in Italy last year. Good camera to have on a vacation to stuff in a pocket instead of carrying around piles of equipment and lenses. A couple of Italy shots won first place ribbons at the local county fair.

The challenge of using a lower tier camera to weave gold is always an intriguing one.

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