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Question Dilema - Plastic in Ground Meat

I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I've been feeding my cats both ground meat and chunked meat while I am trasitioning them to raw. The ground I was buying seemed to me not very fresh. So, I purchased an electric meat grinder for now to grind fresh and freeze. I used it for the first time yesterday. Ground the meat and bones. Froze all the meat in portions and thought every thing was hunky dorey....until this morning...I noticed on one of the plastic tools that you use to shove the meat into the grinder had a piece (roughly the size of a dime) broken off. I have not seen the plastic anywhere so this means that it must have been ground into the meat. My question is - should I be concerned about this? And throw out all the meat I ground up? Or am I worrying over something minimal?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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