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My guess is it IS associated pain and she has not forgotten it. Some things you could try are:
  • New litter boxes
  • At least Two boxes
  • All a different size, shape and material if you can find that.
  • New, different litter.
  • A new place for the boxes. A new room if possible. Maybe start by putting them in her choice of pee spot, if you can identify one she has used on her own over and over.
  • Be scrupulous at keeping the boxes clean for a month or so, till she begins to associate them with just relief and not pain. You will have to always be diligent about keeping them clean, more so than most of us.
Poor kitty. A human friend of mine has recurring bladder infections, it's not nice for her. I'm sure kitty is miserable. My male had problems like this and it's not at all uncommon in older cats as arthritis hinders their ability to get in and out of high sided litter boxes. Good luck
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