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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
In my uneducated opinion,the USA should stop trying to"save"every country in the world,no more wars...trillions of $$$$ would be saved.
I agree, chico. And there's lots of foreign aid paid out that never makes it past the corrupt govts in the countries it goes to...unfriendly countries, to boot. That would be a good place to cut, imo.

But the current 'crisis' isn't about that, except indirectly. The problem is that in the past few years the national debt has increased so precipitously (remember all the bail-outs and TARP?) that we can't make the payments to cover the interest on the debt the government has incurred! To do it, the president wants to raise the debt ceiling. But you know that if you allow politicians to authorize more spending, they won't put the authority to proper use--they'll just end up spending more in the long run! That's why there's so much talk of cutting spending instead of raising the debt ceiling. We'll see if, in the end, they're willing to take the heat and 'fix' it now, of if they'll push it off until the next crisis, which can only be worse than this one.
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