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Originally Posted by Equla View Post
To hear of a vet treating animals the way they were being treated by that shmuck is beyond my comprehension. I can't even understand why anyone with that level of loathing for animals would go through the necessary training to be a vet. It's harder than being a doctor. It makes more sense to me for a vet to dislike humans for all the horrors they put animals through... but not the animals.

It's people like him that reinforce my attitude that animals are far better creatures than humans. Working at a rescue, I see this first-hand every day. Thank you... all of you... for the love and devotion you give to your animals. It's so refreshing to see that there are still humans out there that see their pets as just as important as themselves. I was starting to lose faith in the human race.

Hugs and smooches to everyone.
I completely agree and am praying the vet board takes away this monster's license. It is animal abuse, plain and simple and to think he charged me to do animal experimentation on my precious simba! I hope there is justice for my little girl. I think animals are much better than people too. I am not liking human much these days. :sad:

Thank you for asking about my baby. She eats about 1/2 teaspoon to one teaspoon of wet a day. She meows for it but won't eat more than that. I throw more away than she eats but I won't to get the wet in her.
I have 1 beautiful DSH tabby. 15 years old.
(and one sweet piti. 1.5 years old)
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