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Going Back!

Anybody ever go back to where they lived as a kid? Last fall, my Mom and I went up to where she used to live in Alberta. We'd been back before about 15 years before. It was kinda weird cause I recognized the terrain but something wasn't right and then I realized the road had been paved. My Mom's place is still there and someone is living on the land but it's pretty much all different and the house is new but some of the outbuildings are the original. The school she went to is gone but the land is still cleared and it is about 2 miles from where she lived so I believe her when she said she used to walk 2 miles to school and it's quite hilly so I can believe the trudging up and down hills part too!! She used to ride her horse too sometimes so those trips don't count!

It's kinda sad to see the old homesteads abandoned and she can remember who lived where. Her Aunt's place is all abandoned and you can't even get to it from the road. That's too bad cause I remember being there and had a lot of fun. Got in trouble for feeding the dog out her Aunt's good roasting pan!! Well sort of in trouble..not really! Then I couldn't go feed the chickens cause my good coat would get dirty..soooo. Remember feeding the pigs coal and scritching their backs they loved that. Funny what you remember.

One of these days, I want to go back and see her Grandfathers house. One of her cousins was looking after it and the last time we visited it, it was still in decent shape. Would need renovating to be able to live in it but he put a new roof on it to keep it as sound as possible. The granaries are still standing and some of my Mom's artwork is still visible on the walls, that is pretty neat. She liked to draw on the grainary walls Original graffitti artist!!
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