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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Excellent news about Anna!

Poor Mel, though! Whew! Glad she's doing so well on the doxy--surgery in a platelet-compromised dog can be dicey, which might have delayed the surgery! So all in all, a blessing that the Ehrlichiosis was found and treated when it was!

Al that for just $151? And a dental for only 40? I think we may have to move to Nicaragua!
Super Rum here too--Flor De Cana--top notch!! Found it in Saskatoon, calgray and Kamloops!! 7 yr is very good and not much more than Bacarardi. 18 yr is a nice sipping rum!! Beer is good too! Cheaper than water!! lol And I have been told very good cigars!! Nica has a lot to offer--just mnay people do not know about as Nica does not market itself very well!!
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