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Originally Posted by ldaniel View Post
my 13 year old schnauzer has experienced 2 seizures in less that 3 hours. I am obviously taking her to vet in the morning. Seems slightly disoriented for @ 5 minutes after seizure, then wants to be held. within 15 -20 minutes she is back to her usual self. Only difference is I treated her last week for fleas - first time in 7-8 years. I used Vectra 3D. She also had a rabies shot at that vet visit as well as the rest of her yearly shots. She had an episode that night (after the shots) and was fine until today. any suggestions for tonight until I can get to the vet
Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry it's under these circumstances. Seizures are always so scary
One thing I see is that she was given the rabies and combo vaccines together. They should be given no sooner than a week apart. She could have Vaccinosis, which is an immune response to the vaccines. I have one boy that went through this (and is still going through it). If it is Vaccinosis, find a good holistic vet and they can detox her, it will help. Tick and flea treatments can also cause seizures, so it could have been any of the above. There are also many medical reasons for seizures, especially in older dogs. The best thing to do is have your vet run a geriatric blood panel, and if nothing stands out, go from there. Good luck and I hope you get some answers
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