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Mountain Dog Food - Comments?

Roxy suffers from skin/ear/butt troubles and my new vet who practices traditional therapies as well as holistic alternatives said the processed food has to go. I know it's one of the cheaper pre-made raw diets out there, and you likely get what you pay for. I've heard the bone chunks are a bit large (not sure what size "large" is). This is for Roxy, so she's a big girl. I've also heard the bone content seems to be a bit high. I don't mind combing through the food with a fork to remove any particularly large chunks of bone. Roxy is a big girl, so she eats a lot making the cost of going raw significant. The Mountain Dog Food is cheaper than I can buy chickens and grind them myself.

I plan to make the Mountain Dog Food bone-in ground meats about 50% of Roxy's diet. The other parts will be made of veggies/fruit and green lentils for low glycemic carbs. I plan to switch back and forth between chicken and turkey and might see if Roxy tolerates the beef. I also use Platinum Performance as a whole health supplement which provides omegas, vitamins, and minerals.
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