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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Thank you for rescuing this kitten. That said you need to call the vet back and tell them it is urgent the kitten be seen sooner than the 19th. Or find another vet. By the 19th there could be many complications if in fact this kitten has a UTI. Good luck to you both.
I called the vet like suggested, they said if anything opens up they will let me know! How would I know if it is a urinary tract infection? Are there any obvious signs? The kitten is pooping fine for the most part, he has a little diarrhea but when I asked the vet over the phone he said its common in kittens just starting kitten formula and wet food. He told me what to look out for and if it lasts too long to take the kitten to emergency care. I've been adding a little plain yogurt to his formula and that is helping him a lot, too.

And yes I plan on keeping the kitten. My boyfriend wasn't too happy about that haha! But he is doing well, no signs of worms or anything, and my 5 month old son loves him.

As for the mother cat, I'm not sure exactly who owns her. I just know she is well fed and sometimes put in at night. But our apartment complex has so many strays! You can't go outside without seeing a stray cat or once in a while a dog. It's really unfortunate.

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