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Need Help with Diet for Dog with crystals in urine

Marty has crystals in his urine and the the vet said I can feed him a canned dog food called Weruva . Each can has 10% protein and the vet said I could mix 1/4 cup of dried food called Blue Buffalo to a 5.5 0z can of food twice a day. I went to a farmer Co- op to buy a case of Weruva and a woman who is the buyer for the pets food told me that feeding Marty two cans per day has two much protein for a dog that has crystals in his urine. She said I should feed him one 5.5 oz of can per day , giving him half in morning and the rest in the evening and I should mix some kind of veggie and little dry food to make it more filling. Needless to say I find this very frustrating as the vet said it was OK to feed my dog two cans per day . Can anyone tell how much protein is too much for a small dog weighing about 17 lbs . There is some good news Marty peed in the co op and there was no blood in in his pee and it was good long pee!
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