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then there's the double standard of what dogs are "allowed".
Years ago we were at Home Depot and noticed several little dogs in the store with their owners. So we decided to bring our Am Staff during our next visit, we were promptly stopped at the doors and told that no way were we bringing "That" dog into the store.
When we mentioned other dogs in the store, we were told "oh well, those dogs don't pose a threat".. ohhhh really! Guess that reasoning was just blown out of the water with this incident.
Recenty I went to our local Costco, I noticed two individuals with little dogs tucked into their coats. I went to customer service and asked why dogs were permitted in the store that were obviously not service dogs, and was told that dogs weren't allowed. I told them there were two dogs in the store and that I was pretty sure if I had tucked my Pitbull into my coat I most certainly wouldn't have been permitted in. The greeter/customer counter, was called over and asked how people with dogs were allowed in and she said "oh they are just little things and the owners have them tucked in their coats so they won't pee in the store"...I asked her, if she would have allowed me in with my Pitbull tucked in my coat , she rolled her eyes and said "oh don't be ridiculous"...
I had to laugh and walk away..
I seen the two ppl with their dogs 1/2 hours or so later at the checkout, they were never asked to remove their dogs from the store, just told not to bring them again.
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