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My beautiful Max passed away in my arms on December 13 yet I was not prepared for the profound grief that overcame my husband and I. Max was our best boy and we travelled far and wide with him. He was a real trooper. I can so relate to all here who are grieving about the loss of their pet.

A couple of days after we recieved Max's ashes, the Vet sent us a poem about the Rainbow Bridge and it brought me a tremendous amount of comfort to know there is a place that he can run like a puppy, eat all the pizza he wants, not just the crusts from Daddy and will be waiting for us when we join him.

We now have a new little guy, who has already brought the smiles back to us, but you know, I still ache for my Max and I think that will get better in time. I used to have a Great Dane named Strider, and even tho it has been over 20 years since he passed there is hardly a week goes by, sometimes days, when I still don't think or talk about him. They live on in our hearts forever. I wish all of you who are grieving , peace in knowing that we will be united again one day.
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